RevNet™ Amplifiers


Unequalled audiophile quality, including the highest dynamic range and the lowest distortion performance of any comparable pro audio amplifier. This makes the RevNet™ series of amplifiers suitable for pro audio applications and for use in high-end Hi-Fi and AV applications.


Whether it be rocking your home theatre, voice lift in a house of worship or sound masking in a busy workplace, the RevNet™ amplifiers deliver outstanding performance and flexibility.


Both the RevNet 2140 and RevNet 2140 Dante® can be used as simple plug and play amplifiers for all audio applications, or as a networked IOT fully configurable platform. Connectivity through WiFi, TCP/IP or optional Dante® technology, all models are delivered with a powerful built in 31 band digital sound processor (DSP) as well as Auto Equalization. Installation of any speakers including the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Mutliducers™ transducers can be made to sound their best in the spaces they are deployed into.


Each RevNet™ Amp features a fully integrated and configurable professional Sound Masking generator which can be used with or without paging or background music functions. The value proposition is unmatched. These IOT amplifiers can be remotely configured via its onboard WiFi or TCP/IP connection making all RevNet™ products simple to install and configure. The RevNet™ family perfectly drives not only SSP6 invisible Mulitducers, but all traditional speakers as well for all functions including sound masking.

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    RevNet™ 2140

  • 2x140w@16/8/4Ω, 100V/70V @280w
  • 2xRCA Input/Output, Integrated WiFi and TCP/IP Connectivity for remote control and set up
  • Built in Sound Masking generator. 31 Band Fully Customizable DSP
  • In-Room AutoEQ and mobile app support
  • RevNet™ 2140 Dante®

  • 2 x Dante Interface AES-67
  • Support, 2x140w@16/8/4Ω, 100V/70V @280w
  • Built in Sound Masking generator 31 Dand Fully Customizable DSP. In-Room AutoEQ and mobile app support

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