About Us

Revolution Acoustics was born from the inquisitive minds of industrial product strategists and the principles of planar wave physics. Founder Bob Katz, whose industrial design firm has brought innovative designs to prominent brands worldwide, created Revolution Acoustics to solve the problem of inconsistent loudspeaker coverage.

Recognizing that traditional cone loudspeakers would always be plagued by the same concerns in high frequency dropoff and varying off-axis levels, Katz turned to the planar wave physics of Distributed Mode Loudspeakers, or DML. By using transducers to excite a rigid surface, sound is created in the same way an acoustic guitar or piano soundboard generates its immersive and accurate audio reproduction. But unlike other transducer products, which lack low end content and cannot handle much power, the Multiducer design generated by Katz’ team, and brought to the market in 2014, offers full fidelity along with high power handling that enables its use across a wide scope of applications.

The technology behind the SSP6 Multiducer carries numerous US and worldwide patents, and the SSP6 is IP66 rated for use in extreme environments.

SSP6 Multiducers have been used worldwide in installations ranging from five star hotels to high end shopping plazas to luxury yachts.

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