Revolutionary audio quality from your ceiling tiles.

Suspended ceilings are everywhere – in offices, classrooms, hallways, convenience stores, basements and so on. Installing speakers into these environments has always been problematic – custom brackets need to be installed to accommodate the weight of cone speakers, or tiles have to be replaced with panel speakers that don’t look the same as the acoustical tiles.

The Ubiqui-T360 solves these issues, while at the same time providing rich, encompassing audio that fully fills the listening space. Our Ubiqui-T360 Ceiling Tile Adaptor panel attaches to an existing ceiling tile and accommodates one SSP6 Multiducer. In sound masking installations, a single Ubiqui-T360 with SSP6 can replace up to 9 traditional sound masking emitters. And, it installs in seconds – no tools are required.

With the Ubiqui-T360, you not only have a truly invisible audio installation, you have an installation that sounds great.


Download the Ubiqui-T360 cut sheet