Residential Solutions

Bring Revolutionary, Invisible Audio To Your Home, Patio and Pool

Our SSP6 Multiducers were designed for truly invisible installation that delivers rich, encompassing audio wherever you need it. Unlike other transducer products, the SSP6 carries an IP66 rating which means you can use it indoors or out – it can withstand sprinklers, the high humidity of a bathroom, or dust carried by the wind.

For living rooms, SSP6 units can help you deliver exceptional multichannel sound coverage for your TV – place units at the front and sides of the room and add a subwoofer for some extra low-end punch. There’s no need to carefully arrange chairs for “sweet spots” – the whole room becomes a sweet spot thanks to the SSP6’s comprehensive, full-fidelity coverage.

When SSP6 units are installed in the bathroom, you don’t just sing in the shower – you sing along with the shower as the entire wall is now your speaker system! Our IP66 rating means the SSP6 can withstand the high humidity and steam generated from even the longest shower or tub soak.

The spa area is also a natural for the SSP6 – install it right next to the hot tub to deliver your favorite music as you’re relaxing.

Yachts and Boats

The IP66-rated SSP6 can be installed pretty much anywhere on a yacht or boat – in the bar area, seating areas, upper deck hull, even the inside of lower deck hulls. (We don’t recommend installing it underwater, but if it’s splashed once in a while, it’s no problem.) Some users have placed the SSP6 strategically on their boat hulls to transmit music into the water while swimming nearby. Because installation is invisible (or nearly so), the aesthetics of your marine get-away vessel are not diminished in any way.