Chic Audio

Haute Couture Meets Haute Fidelité

When Louis Vuitton makes a statement, there are no compromises. Their Global Flagship store in Seoul South Korea speaks to this, designed by none other than the esteemed architect Frank Gehry, with interior design by Peter Marino. LSI Services, a HongKong based AV consultancy specializing in hospitality and retail environments led by Ken O'Byrne, was invited to respond to LV's wish to compliment the design experience with a class-leading audio experience.

Ken O'Byrne stated, "Louis Vuitton had several challenges in addition to their desire to envelop customers in sound. Ceiling heights in some spaces were low and the need to visually unclutter the space was critical. Concealed speakers were the only choice and with that Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer transducers were the obvious choice. Additionally, plenum space was limited and the ease of installation and low profile of the SSP6 technology responded perfectly to the needs of the project."

Ken went on, "During the completion handover walk through with the client, Louis Vuitton staff instantly noticed the sound quality, remarkable coverage and the visual lack of ceiling speakers, that was achieved by using SSP6's."

The goals to de-clutter the ceilings and create a more even and balanced sound distribution, without the danger of having hot or dead spots that traditional speakers would give, did justice to the user experience Louis Vuitton demanded and LSI Services delivered. This opportunity was in part borne out of the trust Louis Vuitton has for Revolution Acoustics SSP6 technology as numerous LV retail sites globally successfully use SSP6's.

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