The Pendant360™ mount for Revolution Acoustics’ SSP6 Multiducer allows integrators to bring superior, immersive sound to rooms with open plenum spaces. It offers clean room aesthetics without visible speaker grilles or large hanging speaker structures; hanging height is adjustable. The 19” diameter, high gloss white surface is paintable to blend completely into the background, or to be decorated as overhead art, at the designer’s discretion.

A single SSP6 Multiducer mounts on top of the unit. This revolutionary product transforms the surface of the Pendant360 into a high quality speaker, using bending wave physics to provide uniform audio across a broad area without hot spots or off-axis high frequency dropouts.

The Pendant360 is ideal for sound masking, enabling the use of this technology in open spaces while providing the same masking signal as in adjacent rooms with hard or drop ceilings. Other applications include music and paging in restaurants, transportation platforms and manufacturing facilities. The SSP6 is IP66 rated, allowing its use indoors and out, and the Pendant360 disk is also suitable for outdoor use.

Pendant360 disks are sold individually.

Download Pendant360 Data Sheet